Unknown BandsIt’s the 21st Century and we’re living in a world with SO MUCH information out there and easy access to it all…sometimes it can feel overwhelming. The old adage “Less is More” and “The Wise learn to decrease in life” is true more and more as information increases.   What if there was a website which helped refine your music search for new bands/songs quicker and more simpler? Well, you found it here at Pearson’s Picks because it’s a one-stop shop.

You probably came to this site because of your interest in music and the possibility of listening to new music as well as finding that “New” song which will give you new memories to remember as you listen to it.  I started this site for the love of finding those Rock, Indie and Alternative songs that knock me over and make me smile the first time.  Start your journey by clicking on the recent posts, categories or archives.

Great Unknown Bands

Get ready to listen to some great bands you may have never heard from before.  There are so many incredible bands that have not made it BIG into mainstream yet and this website’s purpose is to introduce you to them.

You can spend many hours listening to music to try and find those few bands you will hear for the rest of your life on your IPads, IPods, MP3s or car stereo, or you can TUNE in daily to these picks I have in store for you.

This website will cater to ALL Music Fans out there, whether young or old because I will introduce occasionally some of the old bands the new generation have not heard of yet. It’s not just their hits either but some songs that have been tucked away from their old LPs which never made it big.  By the way, if you want to make your own site CLICK HERE.

Mainly though, it’s great music with 1 – 5 star ratings and samplings of songs you can listen to and Immediately fall in love with!  As this website builds, you will be able to find the bands through archives based on their music type of rock, indie or alternative.  Enjoy, listen, peruse and let me know what you think.  Would you rate these bands the same?  Appreciate your interest!!


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